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This newborn sessions was so fun! Jan had delivered her baby just shy of two weeks when we got together to photograph her newborn, Samuel, and the family.  From the moment I walked in, I couldn’t believe how beautiful Jan looked.  Wouldn’t you all just agree, she is a beautiful mom…. inside and out!  I have the best clients.  Jan was so easy to hang out with; it was like chatting with a dear friend.  Sweet big brother, on the other hand, was out of sorts that day and wouldn’t have much of a conversation with me or my camera :) …. ahhhh, I could just swim in his big, beautiful, blue eyes though.  I’m glad that I got just a handful with you, Max.  I have an idea that someday soon, little Sam and Max will be inseparable little buddies!  LOVED this family!!! LOVED his newborn photos!!!  Enjoy!

Ahhhh, newborn photography is so FuN! I love going into family’s homes to capture everyone and baby in their most natural environment.  I love to see a family relaxed and kicked back for a shoot and being at home just has a way of doing that!  Kids come alive when they’re in their own element.  It’s such a great job… doing this for new moms.  It’s something I wish I would have done when my little ones came… a photographer capturing all those newborn features right in the comfort of my own home. :)  Weston, this sweet little babe, was such a gem for his shoot.  Though, he would not hear of sleeping unless he was swaddled tight; mom knew just what to do and once he was bundled, he barely wiggled.  This sweet babe is a VERY loved bundle by mom, dad, sister and two brothers… lucky kid!  And at only 2 weeks old, Weston was fantastic to photograph; loved every minute of it!  Bobbi… can’t get over the beautiful natural light in your kitchen and how striking those photos turned out… thanks again for having me.  Enjoy! :)

Newborn photography is so fun, especially when I get to go into my clients homes, meet all the family and capture new mom and baby in their most natural, comfortable environment.  I just wish I’d had a photographer come do that for me when my little ones were born….  really, why not!? I would have LOVED that! :)  Well, miss Maya was such a little gem for her shoot and I dearly love her mom too.  This sweet babe was a very anticipated little bundle and at only 10 days old, she was very sleepy and easy-peasy to photograph.  I loved every minute of it!

The darling mom of these two sweethearts asked me to take some photos that she could use as a gift for father’s day… what a fantastic idea! :)  I’m so glad it worked out.  The weather was lovely and Valerie’s new home and yard is breathtaking… simply beautiful.  I think I might just consider moving myself! :)  Enjoy!

I LOVE newborn sessions.  Shooting with natural light indoors can be a challenge but when you have a beautiful window with lots of light and a cutie like this one, you just can’t go wrong.  Sophia was such a behaved little gal.  I couldn’t have asked for more.  This was so fun… enjoy! :)