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Wow, who knew that a chilly winter shoot could be so fantastic!?  This family was a dream to shoot for.  The girls took to being photographed just like pros and I was in heaven… really, look at those beautiful eyes and curls.  Their choice of color and texture is SO fun as well.  Beautiful photographs you guys… more to come.  Enjoy!

See how much fun color can be with these two little sweeties… I’m loving it!  Also, can you guess which photo these two had their little mouths full of grapes from the vine!? :)  It was such a sweet diversion for them and I took full advantage of the moment by snapping away with my camera.  Every time I see these photos I come away smiling…. enjoy!

Ahh… I’m always sad to see fall come to a close.  Such great color and light for this handsome guy and though the shoot was a chilly one, you’d never guess it by looking at the photos.  Way to be, Jaron!  Enjoy the sneak peek. There are many more where these came from. :)

Seriously, what a guy!  Gabe you were a total stud about this photo shoot and now look at what fabulous pics we got.  Enjoy!

My camera loves this darling gal… photos like these make me fall in love with photography all over again.  Mikaela is a natural beauty –  fall colors were made for her! Enjoy.

I’ll let these photos do their own talking for this handsome little man and the girls.  This was so fun!

Fall is an irresistible time of year for the photographer in me… really, look at those vibrant colors and the wonderful textures.  It’s delicious to look at!  It was so much fun shooting my girls and Gracie and I giggled the whole way through the shoot.  Enjoy!