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Babies are so fun at 6 months; they’ll smile at anyone and have you making a fool of yourself just moments after meeting them.  I had to capture these wide eyes and big old smile before this little guy sprouts his teeth.  Isn’t he great!? :)

I just happen to love this family and that makes it even better when I get to capture them for a family portrait.  They are so great and down to earth.  Their oldest son is headed out for a 2 year, LDS mission to Germany and they wanted to get some family photos before he was off.  Enjoy!

Can you get a more scrumptious mix of mom and dad than this cute little man?  I could easily have spent the whole afternoon just following him around with my camera… although I’m sure he might not agree with the idea. :)  I just happen to love these guys because they are family and we had just a few minutes to capture them… one piano bench, some beautiful window light, 10 minutes of shooting and wa-la, family photos to hold them over till the new addition arrives in a few months.  Enjoy and best wishes with the baby!