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This darling family gets my badge of honor today because they were brave enough to venture outside in December for family photos!  Yes it was chilly, but they brought enough cheer to go around several times over!!!  They kept me giggling the whole time. :)  Nancy’s family owns a ranch with wide open spaces and lots of wonderful room to run.  I can tell the kids love it there and have countless hours of memories built up to last a lifetime!  The morning we shot these, the fog had rolled in and left us with an enchanting, wintery feel and I’m loving it!  I had such a fun time getting to know Nancy & Jeff and their darling kiddos and that is why I am so excited to post these darling photos.  Fantastic work to each of you. Enjoy! :)

Nancy, I’m so excited to post this family photo sneak peek!  Looking through your photos this evening, I’m so excited to show you many more.  Your darling kiddos were just fantastic today.  I can’t think of a better way to spend my morning!  I loved being with your darling family… cow pies and all! :)  Thank you so very much and I’ll be posting more soon!