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Sessions like this remind me why I LOVE what I do… photographing families and children just brings a smile to my face!  Robyn and her boys are all so great… Robyn’s SO in love with her boys, it’s easy to capture the candid shots that we both love.  I do a lot of silly stuff to make the boys laugh and ask Robyn & Scott to do crazy things too… I’m pretty sure they think I’m a tad crazy myself. :)  In the end, it’s all worth it because we get vibrant, lovely family photos and a lot of smiles along the way…. enjoy!!!

Jennifer & Brock, your kiddos are just as sweet and choice as they come; such a BEAUTIFUL family!  Your photo shoot is really elegant…. I must say.  I only wish I could have captured more of Liv!  Can’t wait to do that for you!  Like I thought, the woods of the violins and even the beautiful color of your puppy really make the photos so warm and yummy.  I hope you EnJoY what we’ve captured and soon we’ll have several more of Liv to add! :)