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Jaycee is turning eight!  Wahoo!  Such a fun age and milestone as she prepares for her baptism.  The morning we met to photograph Jaycee turned out cloudy and a bit different than what we were expecting but we just ran with it and the results are unbeatable.  I’m so pleased with the morning and lighting and my sweet, young friend did such a great job in front of the camera.  Jaycee, you are such a FUN gal!  You are brimming with life and your personality is so fantastic and vibrant.  Loved your session!  Thanks for a great morning and a lot of super fun photography.  Enjoy and congratulations! :)

Doing some family photography with this sweet family was such a treat.  We met and settled ourselves into this small little apple orchard and just enjoyed the evening.  There was a little reading, lots of bubbles and even some dancing.  I’ve known Lindsay since I was much younger and she’s the kind of gal that you just love to be around.  And so, it’s no wonder that her family was just a dream to be with too.  You guys are so great!  Ryan & Lindsay, you two have such CUTE kiddos and all with eyes to die for! You’ve built something fantastic together, I can tell… I hope you enjoy what we captured! :)

Jeff & Melissa were married a couple weeks ago in the Bountiful LDS Temple.  They are such a SWEET couple!  It was fantastic that we had taken care of most of their outdoor wedding day photos the week before (here) because the morning of the wedding, they woke to a thunderstorm!  Not exactly the weather any of us had ordered…. :)  Regardless of the rain, it was a beautiful day and by evening the rain and clouds had rolled away to allow for a beautiful reception at the Pleasant Valley branch of the Weber library.  It was such a fun location for their evening festivities.  So much fun!  So much love and family! They are going to have a beautiful life together!  Here is a sampling of the photos we got from the day.  Enjoy!