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Family photography can be hard work at times but the results are always well worth the effort.  I got to spend the evening with Mark & Rachel and their two little sweethearts.  Sweetest family ever!  Big sister wasn’t too interested in hanging around the camera but like I told Rachel… all it takes is a few magical moments when little ones forget that the camera is pointed in their direction and all of a sudden you’ve got a handful of vibrant, tender expressions that makes my ‘mom’ heart just melt.  I always know that when I want the images I shoot (but of my own kids), it’s pretty likely that my dear, sweet clients will love them just as much!  Enjoy Mark & Rachel’s session and feel free to leave a comment or two. :)

I don’t think that words could do this sweet, wonderful couple justice. :)  These two are so darling.  SO in love and SO full of fun and laughs.  They are an absolute delight to photograph.  Any down time was spent either luvin’ or cracking a joke.  Their wedding day was beautiful and overcast… oh, and did I say beautiful!!! :)  The rain held off nicely.  Such a blessing!  And we all had a blast celebrating Jared & Miranda on their wedding day!  I first met these two when they called and asked me to do their engagements (BEAUTIFUL session) and I couldn’t be happier or more honored to be back together to capture part of their special day!  You two deserve the very best!  Thanks for a wonderful day and enjoy!