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Kimberley is eight and so excited for her baptism at the first of the new year.  Her mom & dad set aside a special day in preparation for Kimberley’s baptism.  They drove to Salt Lake City where they met me for a very special photo shoot around the Salt Lake Temple.  Even though the weather was chilly, Kimberley was glowing and did such a great job in front of the camera.  She just bubbles over with happiness and all things sweet and good.  I am so happy for her, excited for her special day and honored to be a part of her preparations. Dan and Bobbi, you are raising one beautiful gal…. inside and out.  Thanks again for a fun morning, all of you, and enjoy!  Kimberley, you’re the tops!

Meet Jonathan & Naomi… so fun, completely in love and totally engaged!  These two are a breath of fresh air.  So relaxed and full of laughs.  I had the best time tromping around town for engagement photography with the lovely couple. Jonathan & Naomi are set to be married in March and with the wonderful weather we’ve had that even allowed us to get a green field in our photographs in November, who knows…. maybe we’ll have all kinds of fantastic weather for the wedding too.  I can’t wait for Naomi’s bridals.  They will be equally as fun.  With her gorgeous hair and fantastic eyes, we’ll have all kinds of wonderful images.  Thanks Jonathan & Naomi and enjoy what we captured! :)