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Family photography sessions at the beach are fast becoming a favorite.  The Cheal family did an fantastic job of choosing clothing that fit their location and it adds everything to their final images.  I couldn’t be happier with the results!  Each member of the family really has their own look and no one matches another, yet the whole family coordinates beautifully! It’s a lovely little session and one I’d love to have with my own fam. To the Cheals, fantastic job in front of the camera.  I loved every minute of this evening with you.  What a great little spot! Thank you again for inviting me to photograph your gorgeous family. Enjoy!

Just a quick peek into tonight’s session. I could not help myself. This little gal steals my heart!

Richard & Taty’s maternity session is a new favorite of mine. I LOVED photographing Taty because she is such a dear friend of mine but even more than photographing her was watching her and her husband, Richard.  In my eyes, Taty has an amazing life story.  It is full of mountains she has climbed and now I feel like she has reached her beautiful view.  Her man obviously CHERISHES her to pieces… my heart is bursting just to put those words on paper.  This woman is one of the sweetest you will EVER meet.  She deserves a wonderful man! She is expecting a beautiful little baby, a wonderful blessing I think she wondered if she would ever get to have again.  Each time I’ve opened her session, my heart has been overwhelmed with happiness for my beautiful friend who is so obviously happy and content.  Her joy has brought me an immense amount of happiness!!!  Thank you Taty, you dear woman, and enjoy what we captured!

Meet Katherine.  A beautiful woman, mother, bride AND my cousin.  Love this lady! We met at the State Capital for some bridal images of Katherine and a few images with her darling girls to remember this beautiful occasion, Katherine’s wedding.  What a treat!  Working with all these beautiful ladies was a dream.  Each so beautiful and each with just a piece of their beautiful mom written somewhere in their countenance.  I loved every minute of our time together and hope that you find many to love as well, Katherine.  Your girls are amazing and beautiful and so wonderfully lucky to have you as their mom.  Thank you for allowing me to capture these beautiful moments for you.  Enjoy!

Newborns photos with Brad & Kim and their newest little guy were such a treat.  Liam was not quite a week old and so we were able to capture him in some great sleepy moments.  Love those little hands and noses.  LOVED getting to hold this little guy.  There is NOTHING quite like a newborn.  They’re just so fresh and perfect.  Irresistible for sure!  Time just has a way of slowing down when you hold a newborn. Brad & Kim, thank you for welcoming me into your home and allowing me to share a little piece of heaven with you and your little guy.  He is beautiful!  You two are going to be fantastic parents.  Enjoy!