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Meet Katherine.  A beautiful woman, mother, bride AND my cousin.  Love this lady! We met at the State Capital for some bridal images of Katherine and a few images with her darling girls to remember this beautiful occasion, Katherine’s wedding.  What a treat!  Working with all these beautiful ladies was a dream.  Each so beautiful and each with just a piece of their beautiful mom written somewhere in their countenance.  I loved every minute of our time together and hope that you find many to love as well, Katherine.  Your girls are amazing and beautiful and so wonderfully lucky to have you as their mom.  Thank you for allowing me to capture these beautiful moments for you.  Enjoy!

Doing a bridal session with darling Shanae is a fantastic way to begin November.  This sweet bride is the kind of gal that every good man hopes to find… even more beautiful on the inside than she is on the outside… if that is even possible! :)  And you would never guess that we shot all these bridals in the chilliest of conditions.  My heart just went out to Shanae but was she ever a trooper.  Like it was a walk in the park and smiling all the while.  Well, here they are Shanae and I do believe that all that shivering and smiling paid off… :)  Oh, and don’t forget to check out her amazing bouquet… made from all her aunt’s and grandmother’s broaches as well as her engagement photos here.  Just priceless.  Enjoy!

A sneak peek of BEAUTIFUL things to come.  I promise it won’t be much longer, Shanae… not long at all!  Enjoy! :)