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I can still remember meeting this darling family the first time I photographed them for family pictures… Greyson wasn’t part of their family yet and it’s been so fun to watch this beautiful little family grow. Now here we are with a beautiful, new, little addition to the family – meet Greyson! He is one totally adored, completely handsome, going to be a great baseball player some day because daddy is, newborn. Every time I am privileged to photograph newborns, I get swept away by their completely perfect tiny features and their glowing ‘fresh from heaven’ skin. The day we got together for Greyson’s session, it was a bit overcast but no worries… we just opened up the windows for some soft, beautiful window light and away we went. Want a chance to glimpse this sweet family in their other sessions take a look at their wedding and their family session. :)

Today I am so excited to unveil all of Brandon’s newborn images for his family.  This little one must have known something was different the day I met with his parents to photograph his sweet, little newborn self. Brandon was wide awake! Yes, he just must have known that something special was happening and he wasn’t about to miss it. Ha, ha! I reassured mom that once he finally closed those handsome little eyes, we’d be ready. The wait was worth it for sure! :) Enjoy a few more!

A few sneak peek images into Brandon’s newborn session yesterday. I just can’t help but share a few images as a preview to what’s coming when I post this beautiful, newborn session. Jenn was so prepared for her session. We booked her session during her pregnancy and stayed in touch as her due date neared.  As you can see, little Brandon came ‘oh so healthy’ at a wonderful 9 pounds and is just one handsome little fellow. Jenn’s home is brimming with beautiful, natural light and I could see from the moment we began, her newborn images were going to be something extra special. Was I ever right!!! Enjoy! :)

Say hello to this beautiful little newborn Claire. I’m excited to share her lovely little newborn session here on the blog today. Loved my time with Claire and her beautiful momma. Claire was as sleepy and easy as they come which is always wonderful. Her mom and I played dress up for a bit and Claire happily obliged! We kept it cozy and warm for her. It was such a fun, wintery morning and don’t you just love that holiday hat in the lower images? Claire’s got one talented mommy for sure! I may just have to get a few of these darling little hats for my props collection.

Newborns photos with Brad & Kim and their newest little guy were such a treat.  Liam was not quite a week old and so we were able to capture him in some great sleepy moments.  Love those little hands and noses.  LOVED getting to hold this little guy.  There is NOTHING quite like a newborn.  They’re just so fresh and perfect.  Irresistible for sure!  Time just has a way of slowing down when you hold a newborn. Brad & Kim, thank you for welcoming me into your home and allowing me to share a little piece of heaven with you and your little guy.  He is beautiful!  You two are going to be fantastic parents.  Enjoy!

I loved photographing little Ava… who was as angelic as they come for her newborn session.  Not even ten days old, little Ava was sleepy and pleasant as could be.  Miriam contacted me the moment she got home from the hospital and we began planning.  She missed that super sleepy stage with her first little one and was determined to catch this little window of opportunity to have Ava captured with the rest of the family.  We settled on touches of vintage and lace in pinks and teals and I am so pleased with the results.  Miriam’s living room had just the right amount of light and once we were all set up and had a cozy little heater blowing toward Ava, the rest was smooth sailing.  Love giving beautiful images to my wonderful clients.  New ones are only this size for such a brief period.  There is just something so beautiful, real and innocent in a session like this and I LOVE IT!!  Ava, her sister and her momma are just gorgeous.  Enjoy!

Kimberley is eight and so excited for her baptism at the first of the new year.  Her mom & dad set aside a special day in preparation for Kimberley’s baptism.  They drove to Salt Lake City where they met me for a very special photo shoot around the Salt Lake Temple.  Even though the weather was chilly, Kimberley was glowing and did such a great job in front of the camera.  She just bubbles over with happiness and all things sweet and good.  I am so happy for her, excited for her special day and honored to be a part of her preparations. Dan and Bobbi, you are raising one beautiful gal…. inside and out.  Thanks again for a fun morning, all of you, and enjoy!  Kimberley, you’re the tops!

Oh sweet, 5 pound, newborn Mason with all that darling dark hair!  What a champ!  Shooting newborn photographs with Kallea and Mason just couldn’t have gone better.  Kallea has wonderful extended family with some fun property that has a heap of fantastic photography props and spots.  I’m just a little jealous ;)… although, we were able to utilize some of it and I loved every minute of it!  Mason’s little nursery has a farm theme and so the hay and brick and fields fit the theme nicely.  Then there was little Mason, such a sweetheart boy.  He was fast asleep and easy as could be to pose and photograph… really couldn’t have gone any better.  Kallea, thanks again for a fun afternoon and enjoy all we captured! :)

Can I just say how much I enjoy newborn photography with beautiful, natural window light.  Yumm!  It’s so beautiful and fun to capture families and newborns in their most natural environment.  Love it!  Little Logan is such a darling little sport and I have a good idea that he’ll have no shortage of opportunities to pick his favorite since his papa loves ALL sports! :)  He’s a lucky little guy and Niki, you are a fantastic and beautiful mom.  Thanks for inviting me to be part of your family for a day to photograph your sweet, new Logan.  Enjoy what we captured and we’ll talk soon!

This newborn sessions was so fun! Jan had delivered her baby just shy of two weeks when we got together to photograph her newborn, Samuel, and the family.  From the moment I walked in, I couldn’t believe how beautiful Jan looked.  Wouldn’t you all just agree, she is a beautiful mom…. inside and out!  I have the best clients.  Jan was so easy to hang out with; it was like chatting with a dear friend.  Sweet big brother, on the other hand, was out of sorts that day and wouldn’t have much of a conversation with me or my camera :) …. ahhhh, I could just swim in his big, beautiful, blue eyes though.  I’m glad that I got just a handful with you, Max.  I have an idea that someday soon, little Sam and Max will be inseparable little buddies!  LOVED this family!!! LOVED his newborn photos!!!  Enjoy!