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Hope is my beautiful friend and this is her gorgeous family photo session.  So happy to share it with you all here on the Little Lottie blog. Hope’s family is simply wonderful. We met up at a local beach. They stepped out of the car and instantly I knew the session was going to be magical.  The sun was preparing to set over the mountains and the clouds were already reflecting a soft pink hue. Destined to be magical evening light… something I love for any session for sure. Sully, their sweet labradoodle was obedient as could be and wa-la! LOVE this family session and can’t wait to use this location over and over again for family portraits, newborns, engagements… you name it, I’ll shoot it here! New favorite location! :)

Family photography like this is so fun.  Natalie and I worked together to find a suitable location with a fresh, springy look for her family and did we ever find what we were after.  These cherry trees provide the perfect backdrop for Natalie and her darling kids… who are, by the way, oh so cute!  The effect in all her family photos is wonderful.  Such BEAUTIFUL light!!!!! I feel so honored to shoot for this sweet family because Natalie is a photographer herself who wanted someone to capture her and the kids in action.  Sweet little Lucy was not too hip to the idea, but I think we still captured some very sweet shots.  Nat, thanks again and enjoy, enjoy! :)

Having fun with some spontaneous children’s photography; keeping the creative juices flowing.  Thanks to little Miss K.

Ok, is this not the cutest family… seriously!  The WWII vintage in these family photos is VERY charming.  I’m loving it!  Maren has always loved the WWII planes and her husband just happens to be a pilot and so this location became the perfect choice for their family pictures.  The beautiful window light made for some striking family photos and some individuals as well.  Can I just say that the women in this family are BEAUTIFUL and I’m sure that Steve would heartily agree! :)  Hope you love what we captured.

How can one family have so many sweet little souls? :)  Isn’t it great… this wonderful family photo session was for my sister and her family…. I’m loving all the textures and warm, earthy colors Jenn!  They are fantastic!  These are going to look so great in your home.  Hope you enjoy and have a Happy Halloween!

Ahhh, I do love children’s photography.  These two brothers are SOOOO darling and since Saywer was turning three, it was time for some individual portraits… but of course we couldn’t do a shoot without getting their beautiful mama in there too.  They are, after all, some of the luckiest kids with a fabulous mom like Robyn!  So, we played with some natural light in Robyn’s home for these portraits and I think the effect is fabulous!  Nothing like having the studio come to you, right Robyn!? :)  Hope you find something or several to love!

Can a family get any sweeter than this?  I don’t think so.  I wanted to title this post ‘All Because Two People Fell In Love’… seriously, look how in love Jory and Brandy are.  I LOVE it when couples ask me to shoot just them as well as the family.  Why not?  Love is worth celebrating, don’t you agree! :)  I photographed Jory and Brandy’s youngest awhile back and I’m so pleased to be able to shoot their whole family this time.  The shoot was a smashing success… if I do say so myself!  Enjoy, enjoy! :)

I am absolutely in love with this wonderful family and I just adore that these sisters ended the photo shoot in bare feet… the perfect moment to snap a photo.  Now, if only little sister thought the idea was great too, we’d have… well, let’s just say that I love the photo just the way it is… real.  What a darling group of sisters.  I don’t think they could be any cuter if they tried.  This morning shoot was such a wonderful treat! :)

The darling mom of these two sweethearts asked me to take some photos that she could use as a gift for father’s day… what a fantastic idea! :)  I’m so glad it worked out.  The weather was lovely and Valerie’s new home and yard is breathtaking… simply beautiful.  I think I might just consider moving myself! :)  Enjoy!

Stay tuned for a full post of this fabulous, spring, family session.  The family, the lighting, the setting… everything’s just BEAUTIFUL! :)