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She fought for her man in the beginning and he asked her to marry him in the end… now this darling, engaged couple is getting ready to tie the knot!  Jared and Miranda, I LOVE your shoot.  You are such naturals in front of the camera.  I’m sure it comes from being so in love! :)  One look at you two and anyone can tell you were made for each other.  I’m going to wager that your life will be just bursting with lots of love and just as many laughs.  You are darling and I’m so honored that you would come from Provo to have me to photograph your engagement session.  I hope you find lots of photos to love!  Enjoy, enjoy! :)

Doing a bridal session with darling Shanae is a fantastic way to begin November.  This sweet bride is the kind of gal that every good man hopes to find… even more beautiful on the inside than she is on the outside… if that is even possible! :)  And you would never guess that we shot all these bridals in the chilliest of conditions.  My heart just went out to Shanae but was she ever a trooper.  Like it was a walk in the park and smiling all the while.  Well, here they are Shanae and I do believe that all that shivering and smiling paid off… :)  Oh, and don’t forget to check out her amazing bouquet… made from all her aunt’s and grandmother’s broaches as well as her engagement photos here.  Just priceless.  Enjoy!

Just a few wedding favorites to tide me over till the warm weather makes it way back to Utah.  I can’t wait for the sun, the flowers and all things green and lovely! :)  Here’s to summertime.