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Family photography sessions at the beach are fast becoming a favorite.  The Cheal family did an fantastic job of choosing clothing that fit their location and it adds everything to their final images.  I couldn’t be happier with the results!  Each member of the family really has their own look and no one matches another, yet the whole family coordinates beautifully! It’s a lovely little session and one I’d love to have with my own fam. To the Cheals, fantastic job in front of the camera.  I loved every minute of this evening with you.  What a great little spot! Thank you again for inviting me to photograph your gorgeous family. Enjoy!

This newborn sessions was so fun! Jan had delivered her baby just shy of two weeks when we got together to photograph her newborn, Samuel, and the family.  From the moment I walked in, I couldn’t believe how beautiful Jan looked.  Wouldn’t you all just agree, she is a beautiful mom…. inside and out!  I have the best clients.  Jan was so easy to hang out with; it was like chatting with a dear friend.  Sweet big brother, on the other hand, was out of sorts that day and wouldn’t have much of a conversation with me or my camera :) …. ahhhh, I could just swim in his big, beautiful, blue eyes though.  I’m glad that I got just a handful with you, Max.  I have an idea that someday soon, little Sam and Max will be inseparable little buddies!  LOVED this family!!! LOVED his newborn photos!!!  Enjoy!

Doing some family photography with this sweet family was such a treat.  We met and settled ourselves into this small little apple orchard and just enjoyed the evening.  There was a little reading, lots of bubbles and even some dancing.  I’ve known Lindsay since I was much younger and she’s the kind of gal that you just love to be around.  And so, it’s no wonder that her family was just a dream to be with too.  You guys are so great!  Ryan & Lindsay, you two have such CUTE kiddos and all with eyes to die for! You’ve built something fantastic together, I can tell… I hope you enjoy what we captured! :)

Spring has a way of luring the photographer in me outside… camera in hand, to my own little orchard to see what I can see.  The yard is somewhat wild and so I love the challenge of finding beauty in the wild sections of the orchard.  LoVe the spring blossoms… love photographing them even more.  So, just for fun…. enjoy!

Having fun with some spontaneous children’s photography; keeping the creative juices flowing.  Thanks to little Miss K.

Jennifer & Brock, your kiddos are just as sweet and choice as they come; such a BEAUTIFUL family!  Your photo shoot is really elegant…. I must say.  I only wish I could have captured more of Liv!  Can’t wait to do that for you!  Like I thought, the woods of the violins and even the beautiful color of your puppy really make the photos so warm and yummy.  I hope you EnJoY what we’ve captured and soon we’ll have several more of Liv to add! :)

A fabulously fun and super diverse engagement session with Nate and Shanae was just what my photographer’s heart needed!  These two are very in love and working with them a second time was SO fun…. they were up for just about anything and it was like picking back up with two good friends.  You can see the first half of their engagement session here.  Fantastic engagements you two…. enjoy! :) Oh yes, don’t forget to stay tuned for a handful of wonderful bridals from Shanae’s most recent session! :)

Well, I can’t say enough about how excited I am to post these photos; they are absolutely fantastic!  It was such a beautiful, sunny morning for this photo shoot and Trisha’s choice of style just hit the spot… so darn cute.  Then, to top it off, Trisha let me in on her little secret… she made her girls headbands to match the outfits she chose.  Those headbands are to die for… really, I want some for my girls.  She even does custom bows…. I know who I’m coming to before my next photo shoot! :)

Can a family get any sweeter than this?  I don’t think so.  I wanted to title this post ‘All Because Two People Fell In Love’… seriously, look how in love Jory and Brandy are.  I LOVE it when couples ask me to shoot just them as well as the family.  Why not?  Love is worth celebrating, don’t you agree! :)  I photographed Jory and Brandy’s youngest awhile back and I’m so pleased to be able to shoot their whole family this time.  The shoot was a smashing success… if I do say so myself!  Enjoy, enjoy! :)

Why have I absolutely LOVED every moment of this shoot with Marvin and Diane… every time I see these photos, I just go all soft inside and I realize that I’m probably a very hopeless romantic.  Isn’t it what we all want when we’re seventy… love and someone to share it with?  I can’t imagine anything better. :)  Love simply oozes from their photos and I adore it.  It is also worth mentioning that this beautiful lady is the mother of my very wonderful, supportive husband and her sweetheart is just as wonderful as she is.  Aren’t I so lucky!