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Logan is one now and boy is he a mover! :)  There was no sitting around for Logan’s 1 year portrait session which kept me and his momma on our toes.  He may have been fast but my camera was just a little faster (with mom’s help of course). We caught darling, candid and unique images.  They are so fun and make me smile every time I see them.  Full mouth smile, ball in one hand and feet on the move… just how a boy should be!  Happy first year Logan. Enjoy!

So much fabulous family photography…. I hardly know what to do! :)  The Smiths are such a fantastic, charismatic family.  I just love working with them.  Oh, and take a look at all the fun props. Thanks Jenn and Julie… it was a photographer’s heaven!  I hope you love, love, love what we captured.  There is ‘oh so much’ more to come.  So, for now, enjoy and watch for a sneak peek of your second batch of photos at the end of this post ! :)

An impromptu shoot along a favorite local trail left me with some ‘oh so fun’ photographs that I just had to share.  It’s just how I feel about spring and summer being right around the corner! :)

This handsome little fella is such a charmer, believe me!  In fact, within the first few moments of arriving to photograph him, he sweetly leaned over from his momma’s arms to let me hold him.  I literally melted right there and the rest of the afternoon was just a dream.  Isn’t window light so beautiful and little Owen soooo handsome? :)

Babies are so fun at 6 months; they’ll smile at anyone and have you making a fool of yourself just moments after meeting them.  I had to capture these wide eyes and big old smile before this little guy sprouts his teeth.  Isn’t he great!? :)

Thinking about a trip to Disneyland….. who wouldn’t after magical photos like these.  Doesn’t it make you want to just pack your bags and head straight to California? Man, what cute kids!!! :)