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Being invited to photograph and see wonderful families like the Sneddon’s sealed together is nearly impossible to top. Really, look at each of their faces… they are a family that glows. So beautiful, inside and out! I’ve known the Sneddon family ever since moving to the Ogden area and it was incredible to see the amount of love, excitement and support from neighbors, friends and family as they all gathered to celebrate this special day at the Salt Lake City LDS Temple. The grounds were incredible. The family was beautiful all dressed in white and it was just a few short weeks ago. Lori, I hope we captured your vision. I am SO honored and so very happy for you and your family. :)

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Meet Charles & Jenae, parents to this good looking group of people. :) It’s so fun to meet families in groups like this because each has its own flavor. Charles & Jenae’s family is absolutely charming and full of laughs for sure. Could not have asked for a better group or a better night. The light was delightfully cooperative and the park was brimming with flowers and all things green. So pleased with all the fun, romantic images we captured and hope this darling family finds many to love! :)

Keeping up with a promise I made earlier in the year, today I’m sharing Circe’s beautiful family.  Circe’s girls will melt your heart like they did mine.  Such a beautiful family.  Such a beautiful session.  Makes my heart happy. I feel like celebrating!! Put me down for what I’d consider another fabulous year here at Little Lottie Photography. :)  It’s December and the last of my 2013 editing for all families, brides, babies & seniors is done.  If we’ve worked together this year and you gave me the privilege of photographing you or your family or both, I hope you’re enjoying your images and all we captured together. Looking back over the year I feel like cheering.  Such a great year full of lessons, chuck full of wonderful people I’ve met through photography and who I now call my friends…. thank you, THANK YOU!  I’m off to celebrate the holidays with family and I’ll see YOU in 2014!! :)

Had Tyler & Toby and their beautiful kiddos together for a family photo shoot in Ogden, Utah the other night.  It is probably one of the last days of fall family photography for the year as snow begins to move in.  Tyler is an engineer for the Union Pacific Railroad and knew of this great bridge with tracks that are not in use.  Perfect!  The river was just a few steps away and that gave us all the variety we needed for a sweet family session.  Tyler and Toby are both just fantastic people and so fun to spend my evening photographing them.  Love it when families are so laid back and casual.  My favorite moment of the session… photographing Tyler & Toby. I just happen to be a bit of a romantic! :)

It’s about time this darling little family had their session featured here on the blog.  This year has been the busiest Little Lottie has ever seen and I’ll be blogging several sessions from this summer that I’m just aching to share! :)  The Johansen’s, bless their hearts, are a wonderful family.  They were blown to pieces by the weather the first time we met.  They were such troopers and we were all shivering by the end.  We capped their session with a make-up mini session to round out their photo shoot with a few more family and kids poses.  Kori did an amazing job with wardrobe.  Love the bright, fun colors she chose.  Everything works together so well and each member of the family has their own unique look.  I couldn’t be more pleased and hope you enjoy browsing. :)

Loved this little morning family session with Zech & Elizabeth and their three beautiful children.  I LOVE meeting wonderful families like Zech & Elizabeth’s.  From the moment we met until we parted ways at the end of their session, I just adored them.  Such great people and I am so lucky to get to work with such amazing families!  So down to earth with LOTS of love within their little family circle… you can feel it in their images and I adore that.  Fantastic wardrobe choices too, Elizabeth!  Couldn’t have planned it better myself!  Hope you find lots to love from all we captured.  Enjoy!  Oh yes… stay tuned for a few more images of just Zech & Elizabeth… they’ll make you melt!

Family photography sessions at the beach are fast becoming a favorite.  The Cheal family did an fantastic job of choosing clothing that fit their location and it adds everything to their final images.  I couldn’t be happier with the results!  Each member of the family really has their own look and no one matches another, yet the whole family coordinates beautifully! It’s a lovely little session and one I’d love to have with my own fam. To the Cheals, fantastic job in front of the camera.  I loved every minute of this evening with you.  What a great little spot! Thank you again for inviting me to photograph your gorgeous family. Enjoy!

Jennifer & Brock, your kiddos are just as sweet and choice as they come; such a BEAUTIFUL family!  Your photo shoot is really elegant…. I must say.  I only wish I could have captured more of Liv!  Can’t wait to do that for you!  Like I thought, the woods of the violins and even the beautiful color of your puppy really make the photos so warm and yummy.  I hope you EnJoY what we’ve captured and soon we’ll have several more of Liv to add! :)

This darling family gets my badge of honor today because they were brave enough to venture outside in December for family photos!  Yes it was chilly, but they brought enough cheer to go around several times over!!!  They kept me giggling the whole time. :)  Nancy’s family owns a ranch with wide open spaces and lots of wonderful room to run.  I can tell the kids love it there and have countless hours of memories built up to last a lifetime!  The morning we shot these, the fog had rolled in and left us with an enchanting, wintery feel and I’m loving it!  I had such a fun time getting to know Nancy & Jeff and their darling kiddos and that is why I am so excited to post these darling photos.  Fantastic work to each of you. Enjoy! :)

Ok, is this not the cutest family… seriously!  The WWII vintage in these family photos is VERY charming.  I’m loving it!  Maren has always loved the WWII planes and her husband just happens to be a pilot and so this location became the perfect choice for their family pictures.  The beautiful window light made for some striking family photos and some individuals as well.  Can I just say that the women in this family are BEAUTIFUL and I’m sure that Steve would heartily agree! :)  Hope you love what we captured.