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Alright, I’m officially loving the first few photos in this post of the Smith’s family photos.  This couple is just so stunning and they have built such a beautiful family together… how do you get more fabulous than this? :)  I LOVE getting to know and photograph families and the Smiths are no exception. They are such a great group and I have loved every moment of photographing them!  You guys are so great! Enjoy! :)

So much fabulous family photography…. I hardly know what to do! :)  The Smiths are such a fantastic, charismatic family.  I just love working with them.  Oh, and take a look at all the fun props. Thanks Jenn and Julie… it was a photographer’s heaven!  I hope you love, love, love what we captured.  There is ‘oh so much’ more to come.  So, for now, enjoy and watch for a sneak peek of your second batch of photos at the end of this post ! :)

Can a family get any sweeter than this?  I don’t think so.  I wanted to title this post ‘All Because Two People Fell In Love’… seriously, look how in love Jory and Brandy are.  I LOVE it when couples ask me to shoot just them as well as the family.  Why not?  Love is worth celebrating, don’t you agree! :)  I photographed Jory and Brandy’s youngest awhile back and I’m so pleased to be able to shoot their whole family this time.  The shoot was a smashing success… if I do say so myself!  Enjoy, enjoy! :)

A favorite portion of doing a family shoot, for me, is shooting mom and dad.  Capturing those in between moments is priceless.  Val and Heather have darling girls and are such a wonderful couple themselves.  I’m so honored to be able to photograph for them once again. Enjoy!

I am absolutely in love with this wonderful family and I just adore that these sisters ended the photo shoot in bare feet… the perfect moment to snap a photo.  Now, if only little sister thought the idea was great too, we’d have… well, let’s just say that I love the photo just the way it is… real.  What a darling group of sisters.  I don’t think they could be any cuter if they tried.  This morning shoot was such a wonderful treat! :)

Stay tuned for a full post of this fabulous, spring, family session.  The family, the lighting, the setting… everything’s just BEAUTIFUL! :)

Why have I absolutely LOVED every moment of this shoot with Marvin and Diane… every time I see these photos, I just go all soft inside and I realize that I’m probably a very hopeless romantic.  Isn’t it what we all want when we’re seventy… love and someone to share it with?  I can’t imagine anything better. :)  Love simply oozes from their photos and I adore it.  It is also worth mentioning that this beautiful lady is the mother of my very wonderful, supportive husband and her sweetheart is just as wonderful as she is.  Aren’t I so lucky!

I just happen to love this family and that makes it even better when I get to capture them for a family portrait.  They are so great and down to earth.  Their oldest son is headed out for a 2 year, LDS mission to Germany and they wanted to get some family photos before he was off.  Enjoy!

Can you get a more scrumptious mix of mom and dad than this cute little man?  I could easily have spent the whole afternoon just following him around with my camera… although I’m sure he might not agree with the idea. :)  I just happen to love these guys because they are family and we had just a few minutes to capture them… one piano bench, some beautiful window light, 10 minutes of shooting and wa-la, family photos to hold them over till the new addition arrives in a few months.  Enjoy and best wishes with the baby!

Thinking about a trip to Disneyland….. who wouldn’t after magical photos like these.  Doesn’t it make you want to just pack your bags and head straight to California? Man, what cute kids!!! :)