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Today I am so excited to unveil all of Brandon’s newborn images for his family.  This little one must have known something was different the day I met with his parents to photograph his sweet, little newborn self. Brandon was wide awake! Yes, he just must have known that something special was happening and he wasn’t about to miss it. Ha, ha! I reassured mom that once he finally closed those handsome little eyes, we’d be ready. The wait was worth it for sure! :) Enjoy a few more!

Ok, is this not the cutest family… seriously!  The WWII vintage in these family photos is VERY charming.  I’m loving it!  Maren has always loved the WWII planes and her husband just happens to be a pilot and so this location became the perfect choice for their family pictures.  The beautiful window light made for some striking family photos and some individuals as well.  Can I just say that the women in this family are BEAUTIFUL and I’m sure that Steve would heartily agree! :)  Hope you love what we captured.

How can one family have so many sweet little souls? :)  Isn’t it great… this wonderful family photo session was for my sister and her family…. I’m loving all the textures and warm, earthy colors Jenn!  They are fantastic!  These are going to look so great in your home.  Hope you enjoy and have a Happy Halloween!

A favorite portion of doing a family shoot, for me, is shooting mom and dad.  Capturing those in between moments is priceless.  Val and Heather have darling girls and are such a wonderful couple themselves.  I’m so honored to be able to photograph for them once again. Enjoy!

Why have I absolutely LOVED every moment of this shoot with Marvin and Diane… every time I see these photos, I just go all soft inside and I realize that I’m probably a very hopeless romantic.  Isn’t it what we all want when we’re seventy… love and someone to share it with?  I can’t imagine anything better. :)  Love simply oozes from their photos and I adore it.  It is also worth mentioning that this beautiful lady is the mother of my very wonderful, supportive husband and her sweetheart is just as wonderful as she is.  Aren’t I so lucky!

Senior pictures for a young man of the best character and family.  What a great guy you are Landon… enjoy every minute of this year and best wishes to you! :)

Just for fun today because the colors of spring are brightening my spirits and this collage brings a smile to my face! :)

Spring is in the air and nothing says it better than a day of dancing with bubbles… even if you’re 9 years old! :)  We spent a few moments in the yard today after the snow finally melted.  We all needed to stretch our legs and somehow remind mother nature that it’s supposed to be warm and sunny…. and so out came the bubbles and all three of my little ones danced around while I went right on snapping away.  Pictured is my oldest, Gracie.  I’m such a lucky mom!