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Spencer & Kristen’s wedding day at the Salt Lake City, Utah LDS Temple was as beautiful as they come; full of sunshine, beautiful temple grounds and tight knit family. I got the chance to meet Kristen’s family the week before the wedding for an extended family session near Ogden and fell in love with the whole lot, Spencer & Kristen included. I couldn’t have been happier when they invited me to photograph this lovely day just over a week later. In fact, since they were all together in Utah for a family reunion and all the family just happened to be gathered, these two decided they could just move up the wedding date and that’s just what they did. Flowers, dress, photographer and all! Spencer & Kristen, thank you for inviting me to share your wedding day with you. You are both total gems!

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Just so in love with Rachel’s images from her and Troy’s wedding day.  As I prep to present their wedding day images, I just can’t help but share another elegant image from the day. Rachel, half of what makes this image so beautiful is that you are such a sweet woman yourself. It accentuates the beautiful woman you already are. Thanks again for allowing us the opportunity to photograph such an incredible day for you and Troy. :) Happy Valentines!

Daniel & Kaylee… meet this beautiful couple, married in the LDS Salt Lake Temple just a month ago.  I’m so excited to share some of my favorite images with you. Weather the day of their wedding at the Salt Lake Temple could not have been more beautiful.  Sun, perfect temperatures and light cloud cover a short time before they exited the temple.  We spent the morning capturing some beautiful images from the getting ready moments and enjoyed a whole day with this wonderful couple and their families.  Daniel & Kaylee are the perfect mix of two beautiful people who know how to have a great time and keep everyone smiling around them… myself included.  Love these two to pieces and after meeting their families, it’s easy to see why they are such incredible people.  Gorgeous, wonderful couple…. beautiful day….. Enjoy!

Meet Katherine.  A beautiful woman, mother, bride AND my cousin.  Love this lady! We met at the State Capital for some bridal images of Katherine and a few images with her darling girls to remember this beautiful occasion, Katherine’s wedding.  What a treat!  Working with all these beautiful ladies was a dream.  Each so beautiful and each with just a piece of their beautiful mom written somewhere in their countenance.  I loved every minute of our time together and hope that you find many to love as well, Katherine.  Your girls are amazing and beautiful and so wonderfully lucky to have you as their mom.  Thank you for allowing me to capture these beautiful moments for you.  Enjoy!

Sneak peek of Patrick & Angela’s wedding reception photos done at the beautiful Ogden Hilton Garden Inn.  Full post to come!

I don’t think that words could do this sweet, wonderful couple justice. :)  These two are so darling.  SO in love and SO full of fun and laughs.  They are an absolute delight to photograph.  Any down time was spent either luvin’ or cracking a joke.  Their wedding day was beautiful and overcast… oh, and did I say beautiful!!! :)  The rain held off nicely.  Such a blessing!  And we all had a blast celebrating Jared & Miranda on their wedding day!  I first met these two when they called and asked me to do their engagements (BEAUTIFUL session) and I couldn’t be happier or more honored to be back together to capture part of their special day!  You two deserve the very best!  Thanks for a wonderful day and enjoy!

Doing Melissa & Jeff’s wedding photography is just a dream.  I mean, look at these two!  They such are a beautiful couple, so classy and down to earth… and did I mention so classy! :)  Melissa just finished up her degree and after the wedding they’re heading to sunny CA where Jeff will finish his PhD.  They asked if we could do most of the wedding day shots before the big day to lighten the load on the actual wedding day.  What a fantastic idea!  We had SO many fun, sweet, beautiful shots that I had a hard time not posting everything.  Thanks for inviting me to be a part of your special day Melissa and Jeff.  Enjoy!

Wedding photography at the Bountiful LDS temple may just be a new favorite of mine.  I met Jeff and Melissa a little later in the day to do some pre wedding day photography.  Wow, what fun time! I am REALLY loving everything about their wedding session – the lighting, her dress… oh my, her dress, LOVE the dress and Jeff’s suit is the perfect compliment.  Then there’s the couple, Jeff and Melissa and even Melissa’s darling sister who came along to help out that evening.  Everything was just so perfect!  Thanks for all the help, Meredith and a great big thanks to you both, Melissa and Jeff for inviting me to be a part of this with you.  What a great set of wedding day shots.  I hope you enjoy them as much I do!  All of them, simply beautiful. :)

J & A are set to be married next month and I am really looking forward to their wedding.  Johnny is head over heals for Ash and they are SO cute together… SO in LoVE and even more enjoyable to hang out with.  You guys are so great and kept me laughing all night long!  Your session is beautiful… this really is the perfect spot for you, I think!  Have fun browsing you wedding photos and I hope you find lots of favorites! :)