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Spencer & Kristen’s wedding day at the Salt Lake City, Utah LDS Temple was as beautiful as they come; full of sunshine, beautiful temple grounds and tight knit family. I got the chance to meet Kristen’s family the week before the wedding for an extended family session near Ogden and fell in love with the whole lot, Spencer & Kristen included. I couldn’t have been happier when they invited me to photograph this lovely day just over a week later. In fact, since they were all together in Utah for a family reunion and all the family just happened to be gathered, these two decided they could just move up the wedding date and that’s just what they did. Flowers, dress, photographer and all! Spencer & Kristen, thank you for inviting me to share your wedding day with you. You are both total gems!

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Just so in love with Rachel’s images from her and Troy’s wedding day.  As I prep to present their wedding day images, I just can’t help but share another elegant image from the day. Rachel, half of what makes this image so beautiful is that you are such a sweet woman yourself. It accentuates the beautiful woman you already are. Thanks again for allowing us the opportunity to photograph such an incredible day for you and Troy. :) Happy Valentines!

It was a beautiful wintery day for Thomas & Tiare’s wedding day at the LDS Timpanogos Temple.  Typically, winter weddings can be a bit bare but I think that Tiare and I were both so pleased to have a fresh blanket of white; the effect for this wonderful couples wedding day is unique and elegant.  It is now my new favorite winter wedding to date!  All the family and friends were just as welcoming and warm as the happy couple.  It made for a wonderful day of photography.  Love getting to celebrate these happy occasions with such choice people, their family and their friends.  Congratulations, Thomas & Tiare… your wedding day was just as beautiful as they come and with such wonderful people surrounding you, life can’t help but be good!  Enjoy!

Meet this newlywed couple, Josh & Emily.  They are DARLING!!! What I really want to title this post is something like, “What Love Looks Like”.  Spend any amount of time with these two and immediately you’ll know there’s something good going on… love, love, fun & LOVE.  I had the chance to work with Josh and Emily for their engagements and soon after they were married, they had the idea of photographing their first year of marriage – a session for every season.  How fun is that? :)  I want a session for every season of the year for my own family!  I love the idea so stay tuned and watch this darling couple through their first of many years to come!

I don’t think that words could do this sweet, wonderful couple justice. :)  These two are so darling.  SO in love and SO full of fun and laughs.  They are an absolute delight to photograph.  Any down time was spent either luvin’ or cracking a joke.  Their wedding day was beautiful and overcast… oh, and did I say beautiful!!! :)  The rain held off nicely.  Such a blessing!  And we all had a blast celebrating Jared & Miranda on their wedding day!  I first met these two when they called and asked me to do their engagements (BEAUTIFUL session) and I couldn’t be happier or more honored to be back together to capture part of their special day!  You two deserve the very best!  Thanks for a wonderful day and enjoy!

Jeff & Melissa were married a couple weeks ago in the Bountiful LDS Temple.  They are such a SWEET couple!  It was fantastic that we had taken care of most of their outdoor wedding day photos the week before (here) because the morning of the wedding, they woke to a thunderstorm!  Not exactly the weather any of us had ordered…. :)  Regardless of the rain, it was a beautiful day and by evening the rain and clouds had rolled away to allow for a beautiful reception at the Pleasant Valley branch of the Weber library.  It was such a fun location for their evening festivities.  So much fun!  So much love and family! They are going to have a beautiful life together!  Here is a sampling of the photos we got from the day.  Enjoy!

Bridal photography in a gorgeous location with my darling niece who has eyes to die for AND a sense of humor to keep me rolling… it doesn’t get any better than this! :)  Not only is Riley such a beautiful bride, but she’s got a fantastically fun personality to match – hence those fun blue heels.  Riley and her man are going to be so happy and their lives will be brimming with laughs, I have no doubt!  I think you will steal Bryan’s breath when he finally gets to see you in your wedding dress, Riley!  You are stunning!  Thanks again for the opportunity to photograph this amazing time in your life.  I can’t wait for the wedding day… it’s going to be a blast! :)

A sneak peek of BEAUTIFUL things to come.  I promise it won’t be much longer, Shanae… not long at all!  Enjoy! :)