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Keeping up with a promise I made earlier in the year, today I’m sharing Circe’s beautiful family.  Circe’s girls will melt your heart like they did mine.  Such a beautiful family.  Such a beautiful session.  Makes my heart happy. I feel like celebrating!! Put me down for what I’d consider another fabulous year here at Little Lottie Photography. :)  It’s December and the last of my 2013 editing for all families, brides, babies & seniors is done.  If we’ve worked together this year and you gave me the privilege of photographing you or your family or both, I hope you’re enjoying your images and all we captured together. Looking back over the year I feel like cheering.  Such a great year full of lessons, chuck full of wonderful people I’ve met through photography and who I now call my friends…. thank you, THANK YOU!  I’m off to celebrate the holidays with family and I’ll see YOU in 2014!! :)

Love to welcome this beautiful family photo session to the Little Lottie blog today. Meet Troy, Rachel & Ella; this family has stolen my heart this week! Watching them through their session was just magical.  It’s easy to see they love and adore each other.  They came with the perfect amount of love, humor and patience to create a beautiful atmosphere for their session and it paid off.  Love everything we captured. Love the fall color.  Love the mint green and gray against the red brick. Love the expressions, the affection, the family. LOVE darling, sweet cheeks Ella!  Is she not just the cutest?? Family sessions like this are simply delicious! Enjoy!

We spent the morning at the Salt Lake City International Peace Gardens photographing these 4 darling children. And yes, they are just as angelic as their little round faces and eyes make them appear.  Every time I see these images with this darling, pink parasol, I just want to hug every one of these kids.  Mom and dad came along for the session and were a fantastic help… asking each of the kids questions that got responses and expressions like you see captured here.  It was easy to see this sweet little family contains a lot of fun and happiness to go around.  So happy to be a part of it for the morning!  Enjoy!

A sneak peek into a beautiful family session we shot the other night.  Just can’t help but want to kiss these beautiful little cheeks. Circe, LOVE your family session!  More to come!

It’s about time this darling little family had their session featured here on the blog.  This year has been the busiest Little Lottie has ever seen and I’ll be blogging several sessions from this summer that I’m just aching to share! :)  The Johansen’s, bless their hearts, are a wonderful family.  They were blown to pieces by the weather the first time we met.  They were such troopers and we were all shivering by the end.  We capped their session with a make-up mini session to round out their photo shoot with a few more family and kids poses.  Kori did an amazing job with wardrobe.  Love the bright, fun colors she chose.  Everything works together so well and each member of the family has their own unique look.  I couldn’t be more pleased and hope you enjoy browsing. :)

Logan is one now and boy is he a mover! :)  There was no sitting around for Logan’s 1 year portrait session which kept me and his momma on our toes.  He may have been fast but my camera was just a little faster (with mom’s help of course). We caught darling, candid and unique images.  They are so fun and make me smile every time I see them.  Full mouth smile, ball in one hand and feet on the move… just how a boy should be!  Happy first year Logan. Enjoy!

Loved this little morning family session with Zech & Elizabeth and their three beautiful children.  I LOVE meeting wonderful families like Zech & Elizabeth’s.  From the moment we met until we parted ways at the end of their session, I just adored them.  Such great people and I am so lucky to get to work with such amazing families!  So down to earth with LOTS of love within their little family circle… you can feel it in their images and I adore that.  Fantastic wardrobe choices too, Elizabeth!  Couldn’t have planned it better myself!  Hope you find lots to love from all we captured.  Enjoy!  Oh yes… stay tuned for a few more images of just Zech & Elizabeth… they’ll make you melt!

Families like the Gonzales family are wonderful to work with.  So down to earth… just such good people and beautiful too.  The Gonzales family just finished building their new home and have a lovely, little, private park just behind their home. Perfect for their family session!  I do believe that each of the girls are fully charmed by their new little brother, Parker.  I have to admit, those big brown eyes and that beautiful little face is hard to resist!  The evening light was easy and beautiful to shoot in and we even snuck in a few candid poses there at the end.  Such a beautiful session and family! Enjoy!

Just a quick peek into tonight’s session. I could not help myself. This little gal steals my heart!

Happy Monday!  Photographed this sweet little two year old this weekend; what a little character.  We caught such a variety of expression from Jacob that every time I look through his session, it makes me laugh.  What a little clown!  It’s been a busy few months with weddings and receptions but this weekend I got to do one of my favorite things… simple, clean, lovely window light.  I know you’ve heard me say it fifty times but it so true… natural window light is beautiful and fantastic.  It’s so flattering.  Most of us don’t realize that we have the potential for great images right in the walls of our own homes.  Try this. Find a nice big window, place your subject level with the window… preferably with a fair amount of the window extending in front of them.  The bigger the window the better.  Choose a spot where your subject is in front of a plain backdrop (wall).  Make sure that indirect light is hitting your subject… you don’t want to bright them with direct sunlight.  That will give you the opposite effect. :)  Expose for the brighter side of your subjects face and then just have a little conversation while you snap away.  You will surprise  yourself with some lovely little images!  Happy shooting and have a great Monday.