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Jaycee is turning eight!  Wahoo!  Such a fun age and milestone as she prepares for her baptism.  The morning we met to photograph Jaycee turned out cloudy and a bit different than what we were expecting but we just ran with it and the results are unbeatable.  I’m so pleased with the morning and lighting and my sweet, young friend did such a great job in front of the camera.  Jaycee, you are such a FUN gal!  You are brimming with life and your personality is so fantastic and vibrant.  Loved your session!  Thanks for a great morning and a lot of super fun photography.  Enjoy and congratulations! :)

This sweet, darling mom suggested doing her family photography session and Afton’s 6 month photos in her grandmother’s home and on her porch.  I knew there would be great light as long as we had sunshine and did we ever!  I have been so excited to show this darling family their session because I am quite in love with it…. IN LOVE!!!  I haven’t been able to pull myself away from their library of delicious photos.  The love just pours from these images and makes me all soft inside.  Rori, you are beautiful!!!  I still want that secret recipe for looking so good just months after having sweet little Afton… :)  You have the cutest style!  I love what we captured inside as well… don’t you?  I hope you are as pleased with the results as I am and here’s to finding many of your photos to love!

Sessions like this remind me why I LOVE what I do… photographing families and children just brings a smile to my face!  Robyn and her boys are all so great… Robyn’s SO in love with her boys, it’s easy to capture the candid shots that we both love.  I do a lot of silly stuff to make the boys laugh and ask Robyn & Scott to do crazy things too… I’m pretty sure they think I’m a tad crazy myself. :)  In the end, it’s all worth it because we get vibrant, lovely family photos and a lot of smiles along the way…. enjoy!!!

A fabulously fun and super diverse engagement session with Nate and Shanae was just what my photographer’s heart needed!  These two are very in love and working with them a second time was SO fun…. they were up for just about anything and it was like picking back up with two good friends.  You can see the first half of their engagement session here.  Fantastic engagements you two…. enjoy! :) Oh yes, don’t forget to stay tuned for a handful of wonderful bridals from Shanae’s most recent session! :)

You know those days when everything just falls into place and things work themselves into a much better state than you had ever dreamed…. ok, so we’re all totally lucky if we ever see many days like that and perhaps that’s why I was flying high as a kite the day I got to shoot these product photos.  They are the perfect combination of everything I love in photography…. light, location, subject, etc.  I’m still smiling ear to ear….. ha, ha! :) Enjoy!

Fabulous, delicious, vibrant color, YUM…. I love it when families aren’t afraid of color.  Isn’t the effect so fun!? The Anderson family is so darling and their little ones have eyes that are to die for.  And to be fair, mom and dad are no exception.  Little Corbin just about stole my heart with his charming little smile as well as his older brother and sister.  Ashley and Jaden, hope you enjoy what we captured and find something to love.  You have a beautiful family!

There was a crispness to the morning air today when I stepped out for a run.  It put an excited spring in my step and I couldn’t help but think about all the delicious moments that fall tends to bring.  I’ve lamented the end of summer; bare feet, sunshine and all things green….. ah, farewell summer, I’m sad to see you go but anticipate all changes that the colors of fall bring.  Just a few photos in memory of the summer months… and how quickly they seem to have passed and to welcome in the changing of the colors!  Enjoy! :)

Well, I can’t say enough about how excited I am to post these photos; they are absolutely fantastic!  It was such a beautiful, sunny morning for this photo shoot and Trisha’s choice of style just hit the spot… so darn cute.  Then, to top it off, Trisha let me in on her little secret… she made her girls headbands to match the outfits she chose.  Those headbands are to die for… really, I want some for my girls.  She even does custom bows…. I know who I’m coming to before my next photo shoot! :)

Ahhh, I do love children’s photography.  These two brothers are SOOOO darling and since Saywer was turning three, it was time for some individual portraits… but of course we couldn’t do a shoot without getting their beautiful mama in there too.  They are, after all, some of the luckiest kids with a fabulous mom like Robyn!  So, we played with some natural light in Robyn’s home for these portraits and I think the effect is fabulous!  Nothing like having the studio come to you, right Robyn!? :)  Hope you find something or several to love!