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A sneak peek into a beautiful family session we shot the other night.  Just can’t help but want to kiss these beautiful little cheeks. Circe, LOVE your family session!  More to come!

It’s about time for this newborn photo session to make it’s way here to the blog.  The Scariano’s are an incredible couple and now… family.  They have waited many a patient moment for their own little miracle and finally… this beautiful little boy has graced their family.  Meet Tyson!  Could mom & dad look any happier or more in love! It’s evident that they will bless this little miracle baby’s life and anyone they meet along the way.  I loved this session and spending the day with Jenn & her hubby. I do believe that I have some of the neatest clients ever! :) Enjoy!

Families like the Gonzales family are wonderful to work with.  So down to earth… just such good people and beautiful too.  The Gonzales family just finished building their new home and have a lovely, little, private park just behind their home. Perfect for their family session!  I do believe that each of the girls are fully charmed by their new little brother, Parker.  I have to admit, those big brown eyes and that beautiful little face is hard to resist!  The evening light was easy and beautiful to shoot in and we even snuck in a few candid poses there at the end.  Such a beautiful session and family! Enjoy!

Just a quick peek into tonight’s session. I could not help myself. This little gal steals my heart!

I loved photographing little Ava… who was as angelic as they come for her newborn session.  Not even ten days old, little Ava was sleepy and pleasant as could be.  Miriam contacted me the moment she got home from the hospital and we began planning.  She missed that super sleepy stage with her first little one and was determined to catch this little window of opportunity to have Ava captured with the rest of the family.  We settled on touches of vintage and lace in pinks and teals and I am so pleased with the results.  Miriam’s living room had just the right amount of light and once we were all set up and had a cozy little heater blowing toward Ava, the rest was smooth sailing.  Love giving beautiful images to my wonderful clients.  New ones are only this size for such a brief period.  There is just something so beautiful, real and innocent in a session like this and I LOVE IT!!  Ava, her sister and her momma are just gorgeous.  Enjoy!

Happy Monday!  Photographed this sweet little two year old this weekend; what a little character.  We caught such a variety of expression from Jacob that every time I look through his session, it makes me laugh.  What a little clown!  It’s been a busy few months with weddings and receptions but this weekend I got to do one of my favorite things… simple, clean, lovely window light.  I know you’ve heard me say it fifty times but it so true… natural window light is beautiful and fantastic.  It’s so flattering.  Most of us don’t realize that we have the potential for great images right in the walls of our own homes.  Try this. Find a nice big window, place your subject level with the window… preferably with a fair amount of the window extending in front of them.  The bigger the window the better.  Choose a spot where your subject is in front of a plain backdrop (wall).  Make sure that indirect light is hitting your subject… you don’t want to bright them with direct sunlight.  That will give you the opposite effect. :)  Expose for the brighter side of your subjects face and then just have a little conversation while you snap away.  You will surprise  yourself with some lovely little images!  Happy shooting and have a great Monday.

Kimberley is eight and so excited for her baptism at the first of the new year.  Her mom & dad set aside a special day in preparation for Kimberley’s baptism.  They drove to Salt Lake City where they met me for a very special photo shoot around the Salt Lake Temple.  Even though the weather was chilly, Kimberley was glowing and did such a great job in front of the camera.  She just bubbles over with happiness and all things sweet and good.  I am so happy for her, excited for her special day and honored to be a part of her preparations. Dan and Bobbi, you are raising one beautiful gal…. inside and out.  Thanks again for a fun morning, all of you, and enjoy!  Kimberley, you’re the tops!

A quick post today for a dear, sweet family with extended post coming soon! :)  LOVE this beautiful family and LOVE their session!

Jaycee is turning eight!  Wahoo!  Such a fun age and milestone as she prepares for her baptism.  The morning we met to photograph Jaycee turned out cloudy and a bit different than what we were expecting but we just ran with it and the results are unbeatable.  I’m so pleased with the morning and lighting and my sweet, young friend did such a great job in front of the camera.  Jaycee, you are such a FUN gal!  You are brimming with life and your personality is so fantastic and vibrant.  Loved your session!  Thanks for a great morning and a lot of super fun photography.  Enjoy and congratulations! :)

Having fun with some spontaneous children’s photography; keeping the creative juices flowing.  Thanks to little Miss K.