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Jaycee is turning eight!  Wahoo!  Such a fun age and milestone as she prepares for her baptism.  The morning we met to photograph Jaycee turned out cloudy and a bit different than what we were expecting but we just ran with it and the results are unbeatable.  I’m so pleased with the morning and lighting and my sweet, young friend did such a great job in front of the camera.  Jaycee, you are such a FUN gal!  You are brimming with life and your personality is so fantastic and vibrant.  Loved your session!  Thanks for a great morning and a lot of super fun photography.  Enjoy and congratulations! :)

Having fun with some spontaneous children’s photography; keeping the creative juices flowing.  Thanks to little Miss K.

Well, I can’t say enough about how excited I am to post these photos; they are absolutely fantastic!  It was such a beautiful, sunny morning for this photo shoot and Trisha’s choice of style just hit the spot… so darn cute.  Then, to top it off, Trisha let me in on her little secret… she made her girls headbands to match the outfits she chose.  Those headbands are to die for… really, I want some for my girls.  She even does custom bows…. I know who I’m coming to before my next photo shoot! :)

Well, the light in this room is insanely beautiful… that was my first comment to my dear friend when I walked in to her room.  Fabulous.  Heavenly.  Give me beautiful, natural light like this that just streams in from the windows with a wide, open floor and wonderful, crisp and deliciously warm photos like these are the result.  :) ….can you tell, I REALLY love beautiful light?  So, if you have ever wondered if indoor photography is possible in your home, invite me over and let’s take a look.  If you’ve got some great light you’ll never regret scheduling a shoot indoors! :)

What a fun shoot!!  Robyn asked me to shoot mostly candid with her and her boys.  I love it!  Isn’t this kind of shoot what each of us moms secretly want?  One that captures that tender love between mom and kiddos that so often doesn’t get recorded because mom is usually the one behind the camera… right? :)  So, here it is and I’m so happy to post this shoot for you.  Robyn’s boys are just as sweet as they come.  Thanks for such a fun evening and enjoy! :)

The darling mom of these two sweethearts asked me to take some photos that she could use as a gift for father’s day… what a fantastic idea! :)  I’m so glad it worked out.  The weather was lovely and Valerie’s new home and yard is breathtaking… simply beautiful.  I think I might just consider moving myself! :)  Enjoy!

Just for fun today because the colors of spring are brightening my spirits and this collage brings a smile to my face! :)

Babies are so fun at 6 months; they’ll smile at anyone and have you making a fool of yourself just moments after meeting them.  I had to capture these wide eyes and big old smile before this little guy sprouts his teeth.  Isn’t he great!? :)