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Love to welcome this beautiful family photo session to the Little Lottie blog today. Meet Troy, Rachel & Ella; this family has stolen my heart this week! Watching them through their session was just magical.  It’s easy to see they love and adore each other.  They came with the perfect amount of love, humor and patience to create a beautiful atmosphere for their session and it paid off.  Love everything we captured. Love the fall color.  Love the mint green and gray against the red brick. Love the expressions, the affection, the family. LOVE darling, sweet cheeks Ella!  Is she not just the cutest?? Family sessions like this are simply delicious! Enjoy!

Hope is my beautiful friend and this is her gorgeous family photo session.  So happy to share it with you all here on the Little Lottie blog. Hope’s family is simply wonderful. We met up at a local beach. They stepped out of the car and instantly I knew the session was going to be magical.  The sun was preparing to set over the mountains and the clouds were already reflecting a soft pink hue. Destined to be magical evening light… something I love for any session for sure. Sully, their sweet labradoodle was obedient as could be and wa-la! LOVE this family session and can’t wait to use this location over and over again for family portraits, newborns, engagements… you name it, I’ll shoot it here! New favorite location! :)

Loved this little morning family session with Zech & Elizabeth and their three beautiful children.  I LOVE meeting wonderful families like Zech & Elizabeth’s.  From the moment we met until we parted ways at the end of their session, I just adored them.  Such great people and I am so lucky to get to work with such amazing families!  So down to earth with LOTS of love within their little family circle… you can feel it in their images and I adore that.  Fantastic wardrobe choices too, Elizabeth!  Couldn’t have planned it better myself!  Hope you find lots to love from all we captured.  Enjoy!  Oh yes… stay tuned for a few more images of just Zech & Elizabeth… they’ll make you melt!

Family photography with the Starley family just couldn’t get any better.  They are the kind of family that once you spend an hour or two with them, you walk away feeling like you must have known them forever.  Stacey is an amazing portrait artist and her three little sweethearts are so lucky to have her as their mom.  Nathan is practicing dentistry in the Ogden area and together they have these three darling, little girls… I think my camera loves each one of them and their beautiful eyes… :) Nate and Stacey, thanks for a fun morning with the family and I hope you enjoy what we captured!

Doing some family photography with this sweet family was such a treat.  We met and settled ourselves into this small little apple orchard and just enjoyed the evening.  There was a little reading, lots of bubbles and even some dancing.  I’ve known Lindsay since I was much younger and she’s the kind of gal that you just love to be around.  And so, it’s no wonder that her family was just a dream to be with too.  You guys are so great!  Ryan & Lindsay, you two have such CUTE kiddos and all with eyes to die for! You’ve built something fantastic together, I can tell… I hope you enjoy what we captured! :)

So much fabulous family photography…. I hardly know what to do! :)  The Smiths are such a fantastic, charismatic family.  I just love working with them.  Oh, and take a look at all the fun props. Thanks Jenn and Julie… it was a photographer’s heaven!  I hope you love, love, love what we captured.  There is ‘oh so much’ more to come.  So, for now, enjoy and watch for a sneak peek of your second batch of photos at the end of this post ! :)

What a fun shoot!!  Robyn asked me to shoot mostly candid with her and her boys.  I love it!  Isn’t this kind of shoot what each of us moms secretly want?  One that captures that tender love between mom and kiddos that so often doesn’t get recorded because mom is usually the one behind the camera… right? :)  So, here it is and I’m so happy to post this shoot for you.  Robyn’s boys are just as sweet as they come.  Thanks for such a fun evening and enjoy! :)

If I could be part of a second family, these guys would be it.  Just look at how cute these kids are and mom and dad are such an incredible team!  Melanie is just absolutely sweet and so super creative and I get the feeling that Darwin just adores her.  They have done such an awesome job raising their kiddos.  I can’t help but just love them to pieces! :)

I just happen to love this family and that makes it even better when I get to capture them for a family portrait.  They are so great and down to earth.  Their oldest son is headed out for a 2 year, LDS mission to Germany and they wanted to get some family photos before he was off.  Enjoy!