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Richard & Taty’s maternity session is a new favorite of mine. I LOVED photographing Taty because she is such a dear friend of mine but even more than photographing her was watching her and her husband, Richard.  In my eyes, Taty has an amazing life story.  It is full of mountains she has climbed and now I feel like she has reached her beautiful view.  Her man obviously CHERISHES her to pieces… my heart is bursting just to put those words on paper.  This woman is one of the sweetest you will EVER meet.  She deserves a wonderful man! She is expecting a beautiful little baby, a wonderful blessing I think she wondered if she would ever get to have again.  Each time I’ve opened her session, my heart has been overwhelmed with happiness for my beautiful friend who is so obviously happy and content.  Her joy has brought me an immense amount of happiness!!!  Thank you Taty, you dear woman, and enjoy what we captured!