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Having fun with some spontaneous children’s photography; keeping the creative juices flowing.  Thanks to little Miss K.

All I can say is WOW!  We shot the Fisher’s children & family photos with natural light, on location… right in their own home!  Could there be an easier way to do family photos? Just hang out right at home and let the photographer come to you…  sounds great to me!  This photo shoot is a fantastic example of the beauty of natural light that exists right in the walls of your own home.  Got a bit of space and some big windows that let in the light… well, what are you waiting for!?  Grab the camera and get to snapping; you may just surprise yourself!!! We settled ourselves in the middle of this darling family’s living room, just opposite their 3 large picture windows and got right to shooting.  A few days later and wha’la, a great big bunch of super stylin’ photos.  And will you all agree with me that this is ONE photogenic family…. Wow,wow, WOW! :)  I ‘heart’ these faces.  Great job you guys, enjoy!