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There is nothing quite like family photography, bright and early on a crisp autumn morning… and boy was it crisp!  Everyone did such a great job of disguising how cold it really was.  This is my sweet sister and her family and each of her five boys are my handsome nephews.  What a great looking group, wouldn’t you agree? :)  She’s needed an update in family photos for some time and now that her oldest has tied the knot, it’s become official… out with the old and in with the new family group shot! :)  So happy to do it… LOVE this family!

Meet this newlywed couple, Josh & Emily.  They are DARLING!!! What I really want to title this post is something like, “What Love Looks Like”.  Spend any amount of time with these two and immediately you’ll know there’s something good going on… love, love, fun & LOVE.  I had the chance to work with Josh and Emily for their engagements and soon after they were married, they had the idea of photographing their first year of marriage – a session for every season.  How fun is that? :)  I want a session for every season of the year for my own family!  I love the idea so stay tuned and watch this darling couple through their first of many years to come!

Love being a family photographer when I get to photograph families that I love, adore and admire.  The Poll’s are just that.  We had a fantastic evening up the canyon with the fall colors in full display.  These darling girls gave the autumn colors a run for their money with their vibrant, energetic and beautiful smiles.  Such wonderful, sweet girls… inside and out!  The canyon winds picked up just a bit as we began to shoot which made for some very elegant, magazine moments and I loved every bit of it.  What a great session.  Just love this dear family to pieces. Enjoy, enjoy!

This was a fantastic evening for family photos with Lindsay and her beautiful little family.  Lindsay invited some special family members to assist with their session… Grandma & Grandpa.  It was the perfect, magical combination. :)  Little Jamie, who is celebrating his first birthday, was smiles all evening long and I just couldn’t help myself.  With camera in hand, I snapped far too many cute shots for my own good and then I had the task of choosing from those hundreds… I was smiling all the way.  This session is a beautiful success; one I’d want myself.  Love that cozy, evening light and Lindsay, your clothing choices were fantastic… perfect for the location.  Hope you love your session as much as I do.  You have a beautiful family!