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Senior pictures for Riley were simply delicious! Riley is as sweet as they come and is such a classic beauty. How do I get so lucky to photograph such amazing seniors. Cream of the crop! I don’t think I was anywhere near as gracious when I was her age. I am so impressed by her sweet nature and it was so fun to play and tease just a bit. Her clothing choices were perfection… love this girl’s style. Having her mom along for the session was also so fun. Once I found out what a close pair Riley and her mom were, there was no way I wasn’t getting them both together in a few photos. I think my last minute request for mom to step into the photos surprised her mom but the images are priceless. So happy to have snatched a few. :) Riley, you are beautiful inside and out!

Ogden-Utah-Senior-Photographer 1 Ogden-Utah-Senior-Photographer-2 Ogden-Utah-Senior-Photographer-3 Ogden-Utah-Senior-Photographer-4 Ogden-Utah-Senior-Photographer-5 Ogden-Utah-Senior-Photographer-6 Ogden-Utah-Senior-Photographer-7 Ogden-Utah-Senior-Photographer-8 Ogden-Utah-Senior-Photographer-9 Ogden-Utah-Senior-Photographer-10 Ogden-Utah-Senior-Photographer-11 Ogden-Utah-Senior-Photographer-12Ogden-Utah-Senior-Photographer-13Ogden-Utah-Senior-Photographer-14Ogden-Utah-Senior-Photographer-15

Family photographs with Mike & Christa’s little bunch was and has always been such a treat! I met this little family before little brother joined the family and was so happy to get the chance to have them in front of my lens again. My heart and my lens are captivated by their beautiful session and faces. Christa did an incredible job of picking her family’s clothing for this session and when we were planning the session, Christa mentioned that there was this lovely piece of property right behind her mother’s home. The day of the session, weather could have gone either way. We held our breath and when the session time arrived, we went for it and were beautifully rewarded with this touchable soft, dreamy session. Oh, I do love how it all came together. Thank you mother nature for the beautiful romantic gray clouds and to Mike & Christa for inviting me to capture your sweet little family once again.

Richard & Taty’s maternity session is a new favorite of mine. I LOVED photographing Taty because she is such a dear friend of mine but even more than photographing her was watching her and her husband, Richard.  In my eyes, Taty has an amazing life story.  It is full of mountains she has climbed and now I feel like she has reached her beautiful view.  Her man obviously CHERISHES her to pieces… my heart is bursting just to put those words on paper.  This woman is one of the sweetest you will EVER meet.  She deserves a wonderful man! She is expecting a beautiful little baby, a wonderful blessing I think she wondered if she would ever get to have again.  Each time I’ve opened her session, my heart has been overwhelmed with happiness for my beautiful friend who is so obviously happy and content.  Her joy has brought me an immense amount of happiness!!!  Thank you Taty, you dear woman, and enjoy what we captured!

Newborns photos with Brad & Kim and their newest little guy were such a treat.  Liam was not quite a week old and so we were able to capture him in some great sleepy moments.  Love those little hands and noses.  LOVED getting to hold this little guy.  There is NOTHING quite like a newborn.  They’re just so fresh and perfect.  Irresistible for sure!  Time just has a way of slowing down when you hold a newborn. Brad & Kim, thank you for welcoming me into your home and allowing me to share a little piece of heaven with you and your little guy.  He is beautiful!  You two are going to be fantastic parents.  Enjoy!

Happy Monday!  Photographed this sweet little two year old this weekend; what a little character.  We caught such a variety of expression from Jacob that every time I look through his session, it makes me laugh.  What a little clown!  It’s been a busy few months with weddings and receptions but this weekend I got to do one of my favorite things… simple, clean, lovely window light.  I know you’ve heard me say it fifty times but it so true… natural window light is beautiful and fantastic.  It’s so flattering.  Most of us don’t realize that we have the potential for great images right in the walls of our own homes.  Try this. Find a nice big window, place your subject level with the window… preferably with a fair amount of the window extending in front of them.  The bigger the window the better.  Choose a spot where your subject is in front of a plain backdrop (wall).  Make sure that indirect light is hitting your subject… you don’t want to bright them with direct sunlight.  That will give you the opposite effect. :)  Expose for the brighter side of your subjects face and then just have a little conversation while you snap away.  You will surprise  yourself with some lovely little images!  Happy shooting and have a great Monday.

I met this darling family just a few short months ago when their youngest was born and we did a newborn session together.  You can take a look at his images here.  That seemed like just yesterday but now he’s full of character and all kinds of charm.  Isn’t his hat just the tops!?  Love the hat, LOVE their style and love this wonderful family.  We spent the evening downtown and found some great color to compliment their clothing choices.  Fall temperatures beat us to our final spot and by the time the balloons came out, the little ones were done… :).  Ah well, we still caught a couple cute group shots.  Great job you guys and EnJoY! :)

A quick post today for a dear, sweet family with extended post coming soon! :)  LOVE this beautiful family and LOVE their session!

This was a fantastic evening for family photos with Lindsay and her beautiful little family.  Lindsay invited some special family members to assist with their session… Grandma & Grandpa.  It was the perfect, magical combination. :)  Little Jamie, who is celebrating his first birthday, was smiles all evening long and I just couldn’t help myself.  With camera in hand, I snapped far too many cute shots for my own good and then I had the task of choosing from those hundreds… I was smiling all the way.  This session is a beautiful success; one I’d want myself.  Love that cozy, evening light and Lindsay, your clothing choices were fantastic… perfect for the location.  Hope you love your session as much as I do.  You have a beautiful family!

Family photography like this is so fun.  Natalie and I worked together to find a suitable location with a fresh, springy look for her family and did we ever find what we were after.  These cherry trees provide the perfect backdrop for Natalie and her darling kids… who are, by the way, oh so cute!  The effect in all her family photos is wonderful.  Such BEAUTIFUL light!!!!! I feel so honored to shoot for this sweet family because Natalie is a photographer herself who wanted someone to capture her and the kids in action.  Sweet little Lucy was not too hip to the idea, but I think we still captured some very sweet shots.  Nat, thanks again and enjoy, enjoy! :)