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All I can say is WOW!  We shot the Fisher’s children & family photos with natural light, on location… right in their own home!  Could there be an easier way to do family photos? Just hang out right at home and let the photographer come to you…  sounds great to me!  This photo shoot is a fantastic example of the beauty of natural light that exists right in the walls of your own home.  Got a bit of space and some big windows that let in the light… well, what are you waiting for!?  Grab the camera and get to snapping; you may just surprise yourself!!! We settled ourselves in the middle of this darling family’s living room, just opposite their 3 large picture windows and got right to shooting.  A few days later and wha’la, a great big bunch of super stylin’ photos.  And will you all agree with me that this is ONE photogenic family…. Wow,wow, WOW! :)  I ‘heart’ these faces.  Great job you guys, enjoy!

Sessions like this remind me why I LOVE what I do… photographing families and children just brings a smile to my face!  Robyn and her boys are all so great… Robyn’s SO in love with her boys, it’s easy to capture the candid shots that we both love.  I do a lot of silly stuff to make the boys laugh and ask Robyn & Scott to do crazy things too… I’m pretty sure they think I’m a tad crazy myself. :)  In the end, it’s all worth it because we get vibrant, lovely family photos and a lot of smiles along the way…. enjoy!!!

Jennifer & Brock, your kiddos are just as sweet and choice as they come; such a BEAUTIFUL family!  Your photo shoot is really elegant…. I must say.  I only wish I could have captured more of Liv!  Can’t wait to do that for you!  Like I thought, the woods of the violins and even the beautiful color of your puppy really make the photos so warm and yummy.  I hope you EnJoY what we’ve captured and soon we’ll have several more of Liv to add! :)

This darling family gets my badge of honor today because they were brave enough to venture outside in December for family photos!  Yes it was chilly, but they brought enough cheer to go around several times over!!!  They kept me giggling the whole time. :)  Nancy’s family owns a ranch with wide open spaces and lots of wonderful room to run.  I can tell the kids love it there and have countless hours of memories built up to last a lifetime!  The morning we shot these, the fog had rolled in and left us with an enchanting, wintery feel and I’m loving it!  I had such a fun time getting to know Nancy & Jeff and their darling kiddos and that is why I am so excited to post these darling photos.  Fantastic work to each of you. Enjoy! :)

Nancy, I’m so excited to post this family photo sneak peek!  Looking through your photos this evening, I’m so excited to show you many more.  Your darling kiddos were just fantastic today.  I can’t think of a better way to spend my morning!  I loved being with your darling family… cow pies and all! :)  Thank you so very much and I’ll be posting more soon!

How can one family have so many sweet little souls? :)  Isn’t it great… this wonderful family photo session was for my sister and her family…. I’m loving all the textures and warm, earthy colors Jenn!  They are fantastic!  These are going to look so great in your home.  Hope you enjoy and have a Happy Halloween!

I’m so excited to post these family photos for Dusty & Holly.  Really, such a fantastic family, SUCH a fantastic shoot and such a fabulous couple… they were so much fun to work with!!!  How much better can it get?  Just one more reason to love photography and all the great people you get to meet along the way…. Dusty & Holly, enjoy! :)

You know those days when everything just falls into place and things work themselves into a much better state than you had ever dreamed…. ok, so we’re all totally lucky if we ever see many days like that and perhaps that’s why I was flying high as a kite the day I got to shoot these product photos.  They are the perfect combination of everything I love in photography…. light, location, subject, etc.  I’m still smiling ear to ear….. ha, ha! :) Enjoy!

Fabulous, delicious, vibrant color, YUM…. I love it when families aren’t afraid of color.  Isn’t the effect so fun!? The Anderson family is so darling and their little ones have eyes that are to die for.  And to be fair, mom and dad are no exception.  Little Corbin just about stole my heart with his charming little smile as well as his older brother and sister.  Ashley and Jaden, hope you enjoy what we captured and find something to love.  You have a beautiful family!

Well, the light in this room is insanely beautiful… that was my first comment to my dear friend when I walked in to her room.  Fabulous.  Heavenly.  Give me beautiful, natural light like this that just streams in from the windows with a wide, open floor and wonderful, crisp and deliciously warm photos like these are the result.  :) ….can you tell, I REALLY love beautiful light?  So, if you have ever wondered if indoor photography is possible in your home, invite me over and let’s take a look.  If you’ve got some great light you’ll never regret scheduling a shoot indoors! :)