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Senior pictures for Riley were simply delicious! Riley is as sweet as they come and is such a classic beauty. How do I get so lucky to photograph such amazing seniors. Cream of the crop! I don’t think I was anywhere near as gracious when I was her age. I am so impressed by her sweet nature and it was so fun to play and tease just a bit. Her clothing choices were perfection… love this girl’s style. Having her mom along for the session was also so fun. Once I found out what a close pair Riley and her mom were, there was no way I wasn’t getting them both together in a few photos. I think my last minute request for mom to step into the photos surprised her mom but the images are priceless. So happy to have snatched a few. :) Riley, you are beautiful inside and out!

Ogden-Utah-Senior-Photographer 1 Ogden-Utah-Senior-Photographer-2 Ogden-Utah-Senior-Photographer-3 Ogden-Utah-Senior-Photographer-4 Ogden-Utah-Senior-Photographer-5 Ogden-Utah-Senior-Photographer-6 Ogden-Utah-Senior-Photographer-7 Ogden-Utah-Senior-Photographer-8 Ogden-Utah-Senior-Photographer-9 Ogden-Utah-Senior-Photographer-10 Ogden-Utah-Senior-Photographer-11 Ogden-Utah-Senior-Photographer-12Ogden-Utah-Senior-Photographer-13Ogden-Utah-Senior-Photographer-14Ogden-Utah-Senior-Photographer-15

Meet Charles & Jenae, parents to this good looking group of people. :) It’s so fun to meet families in groups like this because each has its own flavor. Charles & Jenae’s family is absolutely charming and full of laughs for sure. Could not have asked for a better group or a better night. The light was delightfully cooperative and the park was brimming with flowers and all things green. So pleased with all the fun, romantic images we captured and hope this darling family finds many to love! :)

Meet beautiful senior Jordan, class of 2014. How I loved spending the evening photographing this darling girl! I could not get enough of her beautiful, gentle gaze. I don’t know if she realizes what incredible eyes she’s got… 😉 What a great time in life to be a senior and to have so much life and potential ahead of you. Jordan, this was such a fun night. Thank you! The light was perfect. You were so fun and easy going and willing to just play with posing. What a pleasure! You are welcome to sit in front of my lens any day darling girl. Best wishes and congrats… you’re amazing and beautiful! :)

One word comes to mind when I think about photographing senior pictures for Ellie, Class of 2014… RADIANT. :) Yes, she absolutely glows from head to toe with absolutely beautiful, genuine happiness. I could not be more pleased with her session. We had such a fun evening playing with all kinds of backdrops in the Ogden area. Ellie was completely open and ready with a quick laugh and smile for whatever I asked her to do as we posed and giggled and shivered through her session. Such a great sport and I have to say that it all paid off. What a fun session Ellie! I hope you love what we captured. :) Congrats Ellie, Class of 2014!

A quick share of an Autumn senior session I did with Mikaela, Class of 2014. Isn’t she just a doll? :) Love photographing seniors. Life is so full of exciting possibilities and there are bound to be all kinds of changes when the rest of your life is before you. 😉 For Mikaela’s session, we traveled up North and kept our eyes open for any little spot that fit our fancy.  Mikaela brought along her guitar and I brought along a funky little retro chair. We ventured through trails and out into clearing and found beautiful fall color everywhere we turned. Such a perfect match for Mikaela’s ‘fall’ colored hair and eyes, don’t you think? :) Congrats sweetheart… life is going to be good!

Had Tyler & Toby and their beautiful kiddos together for a family photo shoot in Ogden, Utah the other night.  It is probably one of the last days of fall family photography for the year as snow begins to move in.  Tyler is an engineer for the Union Pacific Railroad and knew of this great bridge with tracks that are not in use.  Perfect!  The river was just a few steps away and that gave us all the variety we needed for a sweet family session.  Tyler and Toby are both just fantastic people and so fun to spend my evening photographing them.  Love it when families are so laid back and casual.  My favorite moment of the session… photographing Tyler & Toby. I just happen to be a bit of a romantic! :)

So fun to spend the afternoon with Nick, class of 2013, shooting his senior pictures in downtown Ogden.  Nick’s only got a few days left of high school and then he’s off to serve as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Saints for 2 years.  Anyone who knows Nick, knows what a great guy he is and what a great support and family he has.  He will do great things, I am sure!!  Best luck and huge congrats on your graduation Nick. Stellar job in front of the lens as well!

Hanna is my darling, ‘all grown up’ neighbor and she is graduating… that’s right Class of 2013 Senior!  I’m so pleased to show off a few of Hanna’s senior photos here.  She is such a beautiful gal through and through and I absolutely love her dear family. We met one evening to photograph Hanna and had a great time!  We ended the evening on the mountain side doing some sports shots because Hanna is not only darling, she’s got skills… totally athletic.  Ummmm, jealous! Yep, can’t throw a softball straight to save my life. 😉 Anyway, we froze in that final little location but it gave us some really fun images and lots of great variety.  Hanna… you are an absolute doll.  I wish nothing but the best for you!  Enjoy!

Nick is preparing to submit his papers and will soon be awaiting his call to serve as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Every missionary needs a nice photo to include with their papers and I couldn’t be happier to fill the need! It was an unbelievable mix of weather the day I photographed Nick.  My sweet, little car couldn’t make it up the driveway for all the ice this recent storm left behind. Gentleman Nick came and picked me and all my photo gear up at the bottom of his drive way. What an adventure! :) Thanks for inviting me to shoot these for you Julie. It was a fun afternoon. Nick is a great guy and he will be one fantastic missionary!

There is nothing quite like family photography, bright and early on a crisp autumn morning… and boy was it crisp!  Everyone did such a great job of disguising how cold it really was.  This is my sweet sister and her family and each of her five boys are my handsome nephews.  What a great looking group, wouldn’t you agree? :)  She’s needed an update in family photos for some time and now that her oldest has tied the knot, it’s become official… out with the old and in with the new family group shot! :)  So happy to do it… LOVE this family!