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LOVE this darling, engaged couple! LOVE their engagement session! MANY more to come.

Josh & Emily met up with me last year to photograph their engagement photos.  We had a grand time tromping over town.  Soon after the wedding, we chatted about an idea… Josh & Emily wanted to document their first year of marriage in photos.  I jumped at the chance because they are just fabulous people.  We’ve spent time in the mountains for their first session in the Fall.  Today, I’m sharing their images from their winter session.  And yes…. we did skate… photographer included!  The fine gentlemen at the rink said I couldn’t set foot on the ice unless I was wearing skates… well, that was it.  There was no way I was going to photograph from the sidelines. :)  It must have been quite the sight.  Anyway, Josh & Emily are just as in love and comfortable in front of my lense as always and we captured some really fun images.  These guys are adorable – a total treat. Enjoy you two!

Remember Josh & Emily, from their sessions here, here and here?  Stay tuned for a full post of their newlywed winter session at Salt Lake City’s Gallivan Center ice rink… coming soon!

Meet Jonathan & Naomi… so fun, completely in love and totally engaged!  These two are a breath of fresh air.  So relaxed and full of laughs.  I had the best time tromping around town for engagement photography with the lovely couple. Jonathan & Naomi are set to be married in March and with the wonderful weather we’ve had that even allowed us to get a green field in our photographs in November, who knows…. maybe we’ll have all kinds of fantastic weather for the wedding too.  I can’t wait for Naomi’s bridals.  They will be equally as fun.  With her gorgeous hair and fantastic eyes, we’ll have all kinds of wonderful images.  Thanks Jonathan & Naomi and enjoy what we captured! :)

Patrick, Joyce and I met at the Union Station for engagement photos which turned out to be a great combo.  They are such a classy couple and the downtown area fit them nicely.  I always love hearing my couple’s stories.  Patrick’s family is from Brazil and Joyce’s family is from the Philippines.  They have their advanced degrees in theology and are pursuing their careers.  The marriage date is set for the spring and then they will make their way back here to Utah.  Naturally, Joyce was interested in all the local activity.  Although I don’t know that I’m the best person to consult in matters of local happenings… :)  It’s easy to see that these two adore each other.  I loved Joyce’s choice of deep magenta and royal blues paired with black and her beautiful, creamy white coat.  Their images are so rich and full of color.  LOVE them.  So excited for you both!  I hope you find many images to love. :)

Sheri found me a while back and invited me to do a session for her and her family.  We talked about a style that would fit her and the rest of the family and it was decided that they each had a fair share of country in them.  Of course, with three beautiful girls in the mix with all that barn wood, dirt and weeds… there was bound to be a softer side as well.  We settled on this nearby barn for the location.  The day turned out overcast and gratefully the rain held off until the final few moments of the session.  What I didn’t anticipate were all these beautiful, ‘full of love’ images of Jake and Sheri.  I always love to grab a couple shots of just the couple when I do a family session… and this particular day was no exception.  Once we had finished up the majority of the shoot, I pulled Jake and Sheri aside for a couple quick shots.  I think every single shot just made my heart melt as I edited their session and by the time I finished, I just had to share them all here.  They are worth sharing!!!  Sheri… your images are just fabulous…. breathtaking.  Your girls could not be any luckier to have you both.  What a beautiful family and a ‘very much in love’ momma and papa!  Loved every minute… enjoy!

Meet this newlywed couple, Josh & Emily.  They are DARLING!!! What I really want to title this post is something like, “What Love Looks Like”.  Spend any amount of time with these two and immediately you’ll know there’s something good going on… love, love, fun & LOVE.  I had the chance to work with Josh and Emily for their engagements and soon after they were married, they had the idea of photographing their first year of marriage – a session for every season.  How fun is that? :)  I want a session for every season of the year for my own family!  I love the idea so stay tuned and watch this darling couple through their first of many years to come!

Could being an engagement photographer get any better… I don’t think so!  I was so pleased to work with Josh and Emily on the final half of their engagement shoot; from the baseball field to heels and a tie, these two are so photogenic anyway you look at it. :)  In fact, after shooting, we ended up with so many great photos, I just couldn’t help myself!  There are tons.  So, Josh & Emily, enjoy!  I really think the world of you two as a couple and the way you are starting off… so smart and classy!  My very best wishes in all you do together.  Life is going to treat you both so well! :)